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The Orange County Hiking Club, is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit which exists to promote physical, mental and emotional wellness through connection with nature. In addition to outdoor recreation for our members, OC Hiking Club nurtures stewardship that protects trails for future generations and provides education, encouragement and nature-empowerment for people of all ages, families and at-risk youth through mentorship and leadership development in the outdoors.  
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Peak Partners:

Neil Fricke, Laura Romero, OC Parks

Wilderness Partners:

Unhui McCoy, Evona Iynae, Kevin Davidson, Teresa Mortensen, Joseph Chow, Marcia Clark, Joannie Jianto, James von Tungeln, Dharma Patel, John Hemminger, John Monahan, Lisa Choi, Karin Wagatha, John Santy, Clifford Mapes



Wilderness Partners:

Lois Marques, Michael LeBlanc, Manuel Ingles, Kenneth Amstutz, Carrie Hamilton, Evona Lynae, James Harrington, Monica Rothgery, Ann McDonald, Paula Kintsch, Dean Dagermangy, Joannie Jianto, Cheryl Mccutchen, Bob Allen, Susana Jianto, Kathy Andersen, Sonia Tramel, Mai Lam, Marcia Clark, Neil Baldwin, John Monahan, Gideon Strich, Margie Henkes, David Whitcombe, Beatriz Whitcombe, Marilyn Tomsha, Karin Wagatha, Jeannie Tarlton, Alberto Russo, James von Tungeln, Laurence Beck, Aazita Lock, Laura Romero, Cavalier Petpourri, Amy Patton, James Barden, John Santy, Patrick ONeill



Peak Partners:

REI, Disney, Larry Beck, Neil Fricke

Mountain Partners:

Azita Lock

Wilderness Partners:

Michael LeBlanc, John Monahan, Marie Kirk, Ann McDonald, James Harrington, Tim Horn, Cheryl McCutchen, Bob Allen, Christopher Shadwick, Michael Hinkle, Neil Baldwin, Karin Wagatha, James Schepens, Brenda Kim, John Santy, Jim VT, Sylvia Wells, Gideon Strich, Marcia Clark, Ricardo Duenas, Beatriz Whitcombe, Clifford Mapes, Bruce Gustafson


"Nature-empowering our community!" The OC Hiking Club nature-empowers over 11,000 adults, children, families and at-risk youth. Annual Dues of $35 + Donations support our Nature-Empowerment Fund for the following programs.

  • Nature-empowering all ages
  • Kids in Need of Nature
  • Trail Guardian Certification & Stewardship
  • Wilderness Awareness & Volunteerism

Select and Click button to pay annual dues $35 (and optional donation) using PayPal or credit card.

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All donations are tax deductable.

$35 Annual Dues — Path Partner — Receive the Annual Member Benefits Letter and attend club hikes and events. You'll receive an Annual Member Benefits Letter with amazing discounts to local restaurants, outdoor adventures, stores and other merchants who support the OC Hiking Club a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


$50 – $99 Gift — Trail Partner — All of the above and donation noted next to name on OCHC meetup site.


$100 – $499 Gift — Wilderness Partner — Sponsor one or more Kids-in-Need-of-Nature on a life-changing hike. Wilderness Partners receive all of the above, plus name on OC-Hiking.com donation page.


$500 – $999 Gift — Mountain Partner — Sponsor five or more Kids-in-Need-of-Nature on a life-changing hike. Mountain Partners receive all of the above, plus an invitation to Mountain Partner only events.


$1,000 – $9,999 Gift — Peak Partner — Give ten or more Kids-in-Need-of-Nature an outdoor nature experience. A whole class can enjoy a day on the trail learning about and experiencing nature with caring adult mentors. Peak Partners receive all of the above, attend Peak Partner only events, plus your company name/logo on website profile page for serving our community. Thank you for promoting wellness and reconnecting kids with nature!


$10,000 – $50,000+ Gift — Summit Partner — Make a significant impact on your community and give one hundred or more Kids-in-Need-of-Nature life changing outdoor nature experiences. Summit Partners receive all of the above, attend Summit Partner only events, plus you will be profiled as a passionate donor with your name/logo on website. Significant donations allow us to reach out to new groups of kids in-crisis. Thank you for serving your community, promoting wellness and reconnecting kids with nature!



The OCHC Kids-in-Need-of-Nature Program fills a critical gap by taking disadvantaged youth into nature on hikes and outings. The program receives high praises from our community, agencies and youth organizations. Due to budgetary limits we have a waiting list of organizations who want their youth to have this experience. Your donation makes a BIG difference in the lives of these children.

Thank you for your support!


Suki Reed
Orange County Hiking Club/Hike Everywhere
OC Register Outdoors – Columnist

"Connecting people with nature!"


“Small miracles happen when people spend time outdoors in nature.” – Suki Reed


OC Hiking Club/Hike Everywhere is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization for public benefit. We are supported by donation only.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Copyright © 2006-2015 OC Hiking Club/Hike Everywhere, All rights reserved. Distribution or publication of this site's content without prior written permission is prohibited.

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The OC Hiking Club is supported by your donations.

Over 10,000 members strong; as a nonprofit charitable organization we serve as a portal to the outdoors for families, adults and children. Our volunteer led hikes extend throughout Southern California and beyond with over 100 hikes and outdoor events per month. Our Kids in Need of Nature program helps children of all ages and at-risk youth discover the outdoors with positive adult role models as well as raising awareness of this critical need within our community. Additionally, our Trail Guardians Program (REI grant) assists in maintaining the wilderness areas through which we hike. Our SoCal Wildflower Fest and Photo Contest (with the OC Register and OC Parks) continue to introduce nature to our community.

Our Programs:

Through your donations you help us continue to help us reconnect our community nature. All donations are tax deductible.

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Corporate outdoor programs and sponsorship please contact us here.

All donations are tax deductable.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Copyright © 2006-2016 OC Hiking Club/Hike Everywhere, All rights reserved. Distribution or publication of this site's content without prior written permission is prohibited.


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